Substance and Accident

What If It's All True,
What Then?


Bi-product Depositories


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Since the mid 1990's Alexis Harding has subjected painting to a singular physical strain. His work emerged as an antagonistic and unruly take on process painting of the 90’s and has developed into a wider practice that explores and celebrates the intersections between abstraction and representation. In it’s use of painterly time based material and the corruption of various organizing principles' it has sought out new areas for painting.

“ I use the ordinary language of abstraction and aim to fundamentally change it; to harness it and stretch it to breaking point. To do this I have had to change the way paint normally behaves and functions. The way I make the work is a combination of strategy and control and irrationality and abandonment. Pictorialism has been an unexpected residue of the very direct collision of materials I use to make these paintings. I want to manipulate the core ingredients of painting, their dumb attributes, through a type of subjective filter- to see an urban entropic image come out the other end”