The Beholder's Share

Frame Paintings

1960 Born in Cardiff
Lives and works in Glasgow



Cardiff College of Art
BA (Hons), Central School of Art, London
MA in Painting, Royal College of Art, London

One Person Exhibitions






















Freestyle, Kunstverein, Freiburg, Germany
Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Aanant & Zoo, Berlin
In Penombra, Raucci/Santamaria, Naples

Signal Box
, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
Sex Paintings, OHIO, Glasgow
Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art, London
Painting, Galerie Les filles du calvaire, Paris

Merlin James: In The Gallery, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
Merlin James: New Paintings 2012, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

Sikkema Jenkins, New York

Frame Pantings, Mummery + Schnelle, London

Pantings, Mummery + Schnelle, London
Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

Paintings of Buildings, Sikkema Jenkins, New York

Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Brussels
Painting to Painting, New York Studio School, New York (curated by David Cohen)

Sikkema, Jenkins and Co, New York
Andrew Mummery Gallery, London

Sea, Kerlin Gallery , Dublin

Vitamin Arte Contemporanea, Turin

Easel Painting, Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh, touring to
BayArt Gallery, Cardiff

Andrew Mummery Gallery, London
The Middle Distance, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

Galleria Ceribelli, Bergamo
Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
Brent Sikkema Gallery, New York

Hoffmann Gallery, Paris
Andrew Mummery Gallery, London

Wooster Gardens (Brent Sikkema), New York

Francis Graham Dixon Gallery, London
Critical Pictures, Andrew Grant Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art

Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
Critical Pictures, Picker Gallery, Kingston University

National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
Standpoint Studios, London

Eagle Gallery, London

Albermarle Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

























The Room And It's Inhabitants, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Inevitable Figuration
, Museo Pecci, Prato, Italy
Picture Show, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
SS Blue Jacket, KARST, Plymouth, UK

A Bucoli Frolic,
Mummery + Schnelle, London
One Night Stand, Goat Major Projects, Cardiff
The Big Picture, Sikkema Jenkins, New York
Interior Visions, Colby College Art Gallery, Waterville, USA
The Man Don't Give..., Motorcade/Flash Parade, Bristol, UK
Lew Misérables, OHIO, Glasgow
Broken/Window/Plane, Tracy Williams Gallery, New York

Between My Head and My Hand, Feldman Gallery, Portland, USA

Long, Long Gone, Leo Koenig, New York
Le Tableau, Cheim and Read, New York
Self-Consciousness, Veneklasen Werner, Berlin
Another Country, Estorick Collection, London
Building on a Cliff, Sikkema Jenkins, New York
Southside Studios, Glasgow, UK
The Beholder's Share, Mummery + Schnelle, London

Doppo Gobbo, Fuxia Gallery, Milan, Italy
New Ideas in Abstraction, APSU, Clarkesville, Tennessee, USA
Nudes, Galeria Fortes Vilaça, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Turps: Part Two, Galleria Marabini, Bologna

21: Selections of Contemporary Art from the Brooklyn Museum
, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn

In Drawing, Purdy Hicks Gallery, London
Re-opening Annual, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin

And so it goes
, artists from Wales at the 52nd Venice Biennale

What We Lost in the Fire, Transition Gallery, London
Faces of a Collection, Kunsthalle Mannheim

Short Stories About Painting, Michael Richardson Contemporary Art, London
(curated by Jeffrey Dennis.)
Seeing Things, Galleria Fabjbasaglia, Rimini (curated by Davide Ferri)

Direct Painting, Kunsthalle, Mannheim

Contemporary Painting, Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville, Maine (curated
by Alex Katz)
Sidelonging, 117 Commercial Street, London (curated by Andreas Leventis)
On the Edge of Real, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
The Five Corners of Painting, artconnection, Lille (curated by Jane Lee)
No Particular Place to Go, APT Gallery, London (curated by Mary McLean)

Lazarus Effect, Prague Biennale, Veletrzni Palac, Prague (curated by Helena Kontova, Luca Beatrice and Lauri Firstenberg)
Yes! I am a Long Way from Home, Wolverhampton Art Gallery; The Nunnery, London; Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland; Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury. (curated by Roger Kelly and Bob Matthews)
Dirty Pictures, The Approach, London

Andrew Mummery Gallery at Felixleiter Raum für Kunst, Berlin (with Michael Fullerton and Alex Pollard)
Closer, Standpoint Gallery, London. (curated by Peter Jones)
The Embarkation for Cythera, Andrew Mummery Gallery, London

please use space provided, Andrew Mummery Gallery, London

Painters Painting, The Approach, London
Is Not Enough, VELAN, Turin

Re-grouping, The Nunnery, London and Stephen Lacey Gallery, London
Brent Sikkema, New York
River Deep Mountain High, Cooper Gallery, University of Dundee (curated by Kelly Taylor)

Another Country,
Brent Sikkema/Lawrence Rubin Greenberg Van Doren, New York
Don’t Smoke in My House, 134 Kingsland Road, London
Art First, London
East International (curated by Peter Doig), Norwich Gallery, Norwich
Stephen Lacy Gallery, London
River Deep Mountain High, Gallery Westland Place, London (curated by Kelly Taylor)
Drawings, Thomas Korzelius Gallery, New York (with James Hyde and Joe Fyfe)

Raum, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna,
Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA
Painting, Wooster Gardens (Brent Sikkema), New York

Connaught Brown, London
Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London

Royal College of Art, London

Kapil Jariwala Gallery, London

Delsol et Innocenzi, Paris

Albermarle Gallery, London


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